Does your website work for the journalists and analysts that visit it? All of the time and money you spend to promote your web site, your business, your services or your products to the media is wasted if you do not have an easy to find and easy to use media press room page. A properly formatted press room works for you 24/7 to make it easy for others to write about the things you want to promote.

PressRoom™ by Newswire is a WordPress Plugin that helps you build a fully optimized press room. Just as importantly, it will help you make and distribute your press releases.

 What can you gain by deploying PressRoom™  by Newswire?

  • Greater visibility for your site in search engines
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Improved user engagement and site metrics
  • More relevant content on your website
  • Journalists easily find information needed to write about you
  • Bloggers can find and use the content they need to create blog posts about your company
  • Your content is available in the format writers prefer
  • Potential customers can easily find and share your company news and information
  • Online communities you cultivate can be kept up-to-date & involved on any kind of device

Plugin Features

PressRoom™  by Newswire comes with 8 custom writer interfaces that help you author perfectly formatted information for your PressRoom™ .  The interfaces do not replace your existing new post or new page interfaces on WordPress, but rather add new, yet familiar interfaces, for creating press room content.  These special interfaces make it easy for you to create 8 different kinds of content blocks for your PressRoom™ .

Widgets, Widgets, Widgets

And best of all, each of the blocks you create becomes a WordPress widget that is available for use elsewhere on your website.  Think of the endless possibilities!

Plugin Content Creation Interfaces

Of course, you can make as many of each of these blocks as you desire to organize your content in the way that you want your site visitors to find it.

PressRoom™  creates “pin style” content blocks by default, however, the layout options for your PressRoom™  content is endless.   Total control over these blocks is provided through a simple interface that allows you to choose backgrounds, colors, borders, headers, footers, and much more.  Want even more control?  The PressRoom™  settings provides a CSS window where you can easily change every aspect of the page, even so far as changing content blocks from pin style to anything you can think of.

Checkout an example of a PressRoom installation.